Technical workshops for professional development

A way of making professionals

Softwits's workshops usually consist of a short training course taught by the workshop leader, the expert and trainer. Our facilitated workshops put the creativity of the participants at the center. An atmosphere is created “that makes participants able to empower each other to achieve brilliant objectives. Softwit's one of the push-out assignment is through workshops. That through workshop pushing out developers from every scholar or student. Technical workshops will enhance skills development and encourage collaborative learning around the latest advanced technology research, emerging technologies and breakthroughs in daily life models and programme.

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Modern Digital illustrate

Softwits workshop specially designed as a step of to develop a professional from the scholar. Our seminars giving opportunity to learn the current and future technologies.

Practical Code Development

Hands on experience in development increases the chances to learn the subjects in the courses clearly. Practical experiences ignite the students' minds towards their goal.

Creative Workshop Direction

Softwits follows a creative way of workshop which should not get bored to the participants. Workshop would be interactive and communication oriented towards the learner interest.

  • Benefits of our Workshop

    Workshops are used for almost anything that involves groups of people. Participants “quickly and efficiently define, create, refine, priorities and reach closure on real time deliverable that represent current intensity requirement and status. .”

    Accelerate learning to the real life system

    Improve the quality of learning

    Improve relations between scholar and IT

    Increase the hope of scholar towards goal

    Workshops can provide benefits on their projects

    After the workshop has ended, participants outcome should be on workshops agenda and goal.

  • Our Workshop Preparation

    The preparation of the workshop involves four steps:



    Pre-Workshop Session

    and Logistics

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    Creative Minds

    Softwits Workshops are held to clarify why a system is needed, define goals, and set project scope. It's giving the opportunity to improve the creativity.

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    Creative Smartness

    Softwits workshop improving the smartness of scholar through general attractive and general technical questions.

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    Creative Ideas

    During the execution of our workshop, some ideas were created for future investigations into the productivity of requirement workshops.

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    Hands on Experience

    We trust on learning through practical, giving complete learning experience. We are following complete practical sessions in our workshops.

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    Real World Surfing

    The workshop may contain multiple learning contents which beyond the agenda. It guides the participants how to surf in the modern world wisely.

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    Fun & Crazy

    We will not let our workshop into boring sections. Our workshop may have Fun & Crazy entertaining stuff which will refresh the learner or participants.

Our Workshops to help your scholars get succeed both in and out of the classroom

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